The Stock Market is where traders buy and sell stocks of companies (a single stock being a fraction of a company). Traders buy and sell these stocks in order to capitalise on fluctuations on the stock price for any given company.

Regardless of how much time you have even if it just 10 minutes a day, the Stock Market is perfectly suited for anyone to trade using our strategies.

curriculum for this course

Unit 1

Introduction to Become a Trader
Introduction to Stocks
Stock basics
Types of charts
Analysing stock charts
Spreadbetting and CFDs

Unit 2

Opening Sonar Markets trading account
Placing Trades
Setting up your charts
Setting alerts
Risk Management
AI Strategy
Managing your trades
Strategy practice
Practice placing orders

Unit 3

Blue Index Strategy
Managing your trades
Strategy practice
Practice placing orders

Unit 4

What to expect
What we expect for you
Trading Diary
Trading Analysis
Your next steps

What will you learn?

Learn to trade with 2 Stock Market tailored strategies allowing you the ability to trade throughout the week at any time.

Learn how to INVEST for longer term growth as well as TRADE on short term fluctuations allowing you to profit from all market movements.

How to be a profitable trader in a rising or falling market.


  • A computer to allow you to learn and trade

  • 10 minutes a day, anytime of the day

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