Learn to trade


What is

Trading allows you to speculate on price movements in markets around the world, regardless of whether prices are rising or falling.


Why you should
be trading?

Trading allows you to control your financial future but more importantly your time. You choose whether you want to spend 10 minutes or longer on any given day.


How to get

Become A Trader offers a range of courses and education programmes designed to help you understand the market, along with strategies, tools and support to help you Become A Trader.

Who are we

Learn to Become A Trader from an institution who has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the Trading and Training industry who will deliver the highest quality of education. Allow us to help you create a step by step plan, to take you from a complete beginner to becoming a professional trader.

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available courses

We offer in depth courses to help you Become A Trader, whether you are interested in the Stock Market, Foreign Exchange Market or the Crypto Currency Market.
If you are unsure which might be best suited for you, please do not hesitate in contacting our expert team to assist you. You can do this by filling in the contact form at the top of the webpage.


Forex, also known as Foreign Exchange is a decentralized market where all the world’s currencies trade. The Forex market is the largest and most liquid market in the world with average trading volume exceeding $5 Trillion dollars on a daily basis. Our low risk, high reward forex strategies allow you to take advantage of this […]

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The Stock Market is where traders buy and sell stocks of companies (a single stock being a fraction of a company). Traders buy and sell these stocks in order to capitalise on fluctuations on the stock price for any given company. Regardless of how much time you have even if it just 10 minutes a […]

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Crypto, also known as the Crypto currency market is a market for digital currencies (referred to as coins) like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple to be bought or sold. A Crypto currency is a digital currency in which encryption methods are used to regulate the generation of units of a currency and verify the transfer or […]

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We pride ourselves on the success of our students. Find some of our testimonials below.

Being supported in my trading journey by Avi & Hrishi allowed me to go from a trader who failed to make consistent returns over 3 years, into a successful trader who is confident of achieving my monthly targets set. The course and support is world class.

Catherine Taylor

I just wanted to tell you how great the course was! I was happy that me and my son were able to take away vital information from both Hrishi and Avi. The course was clear and delivered in a very easy to understand way. Looking forward to Mondays webinar!!!

Jelena Grigorjeva

Hrishi has helped me tremendously to grow as a trader and on my path to becoming a professional trader. He has openly shared his wealth of knowledge about and experience in trading, with a clear and consistent focus – both to the wider picture and in the attention to detail across all relevant timeframes. Not only have I found working with him an inspiration, he has shown himself to be 100% trustworthy and the working relationship has grown into a friendship. I’d not hesitate to recommend Hrishi to anybody seriously considering a career as a professional trader.

Dr. Dalton Exley

I am up 26% on my account in just 3 months of trading. I can not thank the team at Become A Trader enough. Their support has really helped me become confident in my trading. Thank you for showing me this was possible.

Ian Lockwood

My first meeting with Avi was in a Stock Market webinar in Oslo – I was impressed by the high level of patients, knowledge and insight in the market and by his ability to communicate and teach others of the various techniques within Stock trading.  I have been in dialog with Avi for many years now and he is a great mentor and teacher that has brought my trading and investing skills to a much higher level.  Highly recommended.

My first meeting with Hrishi was in a Forex Market webinar in London – As I was new to Forex trading, I was looking for a person who had the ability to communicate and teach me in a clear and understandable way. Hrishi has with patients met all these criteria’s and then some…  He has demonstrated a high level of knowledge and insight in the market. I have the last year been a part in his Forex mentoring group and it has been a funny and profitable time.  Highly recommended.

Bjarne Syrstad

I took the online Forex course early 2019 and found it to be a huge help. The presenters are very experienced and the follow up support is amazing to say the least. I am a complete beginner and even though I am up only £2000 up I am extremely confident with their support I can reach my goal.

Ralf Weber