We pride ourselves on the success of our students. Find some of our testimonials below.

Being supported in my trading journey by Avi & Hrishi allowed me to go from a trader who failed to make consistent returns over 3 years, into a successful trader who is confident of achieving my monthly targets set. The course and support is world class.

Catherine Taylor

I just wanted to tell you how great the course was! I was happy that me and my son were able to take away vital information from both Hrishi and Avi. The course was clear and delivered in a very easy to understand way. Looking forward to Mondays webinar!!!

Jelena Grigorjeva

Hrishi has helped me tremendously to grow as a trader and on my path to becoming a professional trader. He has openly shared his wealth of knowledge about and experience in trading, with a clear and consistent focus – both to the wider picture and in the attention to detail across all relevant timeframes. Not only have I found working with him an inspiration, he has shown himself to be 100% trustworthy and the working relationship has grown into a friendship. I’d not hesitate to recommend Hrishi to anybody seriously considering a career as a professional trader.

Dr. Dalton Exley

I am up 26% on my account in just 3 months of trading. I can not thank the team at Become A Trader enough. Their support has really helped me become confident in my trading. Thank you for showing me this was possible.

Ian Lockwood

My first meeting with Avi was in a Stock Market webinar in Oslo – I was impressed by the high level of patients, knowledge and insight in the market and by his ability to communicate and teach others of the various techniques within Stock trading.  I have been in dialog with Avi for many years now and he is a great mentor and teacher that has brought my trading and investing skills to a much higher level.  Highly recommended.

My first meeting with Hrishi was in a Forex Market webinar in London – As I was new to Forex trading, I was looking for a person who had the ability to communicate and teach me in a clear and understandable way. Hrishi has with patients met all these criteria’s and then some…  He has demonstrated a high level of knowledge and insight in the market. I have the last year been a part in his Forex mentoring group and it has been a funny and profitable time.  Highly recommended.

Bjarne Syrstad

I took the online Forex course early 2019 and found it to be a huge help. The presenters are very experienced and the follow up support is amazing to say the least. I am a complete beginner and even though I am up only £2000 up I am extremely confident with their support I can reach my goal.

Ralf Weber

I am so glad I was recommended to Become A trader. I have been to a few courses in the past and have gained nothing from them. From the start of the online course I was able to understand the concepts and begin trading. With the follow up support I now understand all the rules and how I can improve. I am up 12% on my whole account in 3 months of trading.

Isabella Garcia

I have been learning from Hrishi and Avi for just under a year now. When I started, I was barely able to use a trading platform!! That however is no longer the case at all…in fact I am not only making 5% on a monthly basis, I am also following my dream and trading while I travel. From the bottom of my heart I can’t thank the guys enough. I whole heartedly recommend them to anyone who wants to learn how to trade properly!

Kamran Paknahad

I have been trading for a few years with no success at all. I have been from course to course with no real luck. I got introduced to become a trader end of last year. As always, I was very hesitant to trust anyone in this field. However, I decided to take the leap based upon their credentials in the finance market. I VERY QUICKLY NOTICED THE DIFFERENCE. They explain everything in extreme detail! Not only that they give weekly support which has helped me keep that momentum up. I am now 6 months in with just over 40% profit. Thank you for explaining how price is the only indicator we need and how real traders trade the market!

Kev Patel

Being a mother of three children I wanted to learn how to be able to trade in a way that fits my lifestyle. Using the amazing support and variety of strategies at become a trader, I was able to fit the perfect trading routine into my lifestyle. Trading in the mornings before the school run and investing in the evenings after the children are asleep. I am now not only trading and investing for myself, but for my children’s futures. Within 9 months of my trading journey beginning I have found myself consistently hitting my monthly targets of 4% and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. I cannot recommend become a trader enough for the opportunity they have given me to really take control of my life and my finances.

Michelle Brown

For years I have been fascinated by the trading world, but due to my long working hours I always thought the trading world wasn’t for me. I decided to take advantage of the free starter pack and in my mind confirm that trading wasn’t for me. 6 months down the line after taking advantage of the Forex online course I am confident that the world of trading is for me, the strategies at become a trader have allowed me to grow my trading account by 2-3% a month with the very minimal amount of time I have available. For anyone interested in the trading world, or sceptical if it is for them or not I would high recommend you learn from become a trader.

Julian Davis