Starter Pack

At Become A Trader after training thousands of traders over many years we know what it takes to create a successful trader. We have put together what we know is an essential starter pack for all that are interested in becoming a trader.

What does your starter pack contain?

The starter pack consists of two units.

Unit 1 contains an introduction to your starter pack along with your starter courses in Forex and Stocks.
Your first step will be opening your trading account with Sonar Markets and then studying how to use the broker.
The second step is to begin with your starter course. The starter courses are created to help beginners embark on their trading journey, teaching you a beginner strategy that you can start to implement straight away. From this point onwards, you want to make sure you have a pen and paper ready for all the notes and questions you may have.

Unit 2 will consist of key mindset & psychology topics that over time we have found are the difference between a consistently profitable trader and a trader who cannot seem to make money regardless of how much knowledge they may have.

Once you have completed both units (remember to watch them at least twice) it is time to collate all of your notes and questions and to book in your Q&A session with a trader. This is to ensure you are confident in what you have learnt and also to maintain the momentum you have now built up.

curriculum for this course


• Introduction to become a trader and starter pack
• Opening an account with sonar markets
• How to use your broker
• Forex starter course
• Stock market starter course

Unit 2

• The Power of Compounding
• Trading Vs Investing
• Top 5 Tools Essential in Trading
• Importance of A Trading Strategy
• Top 5 Attributes to Become A Trader
• Avoid Wiping Out Your Account
• Reward Risk Ratio in Trading
• 13 Mistakes New Traders Ignore
• Coach Vs Mentor
• Your next steps