About Us

Our Mission

To continue to be a World Class financial education company empowering traders of all skill levels around the Globe.

Our Journey as Become a Trader

Our founders started their trading journey in their early twenties, investing and trading for large private investors. With years of consistent profits (some years over 200%) their name grew within the industry. Sure enough after a few years Hrishi became head trader of the Forex department and Avi became head trader of the Stock department. However, after more than 25 years of combined work put into the industry, they have decided to take the next step. They are building a world class team to be able to help investors around the world. One of the hardest tasks for anyone in this industry is to find successful traders, so they have decided to train their own! Upon entering the training world, they were shocked to see how many so called “experts” have little or no trading experience at all. People with no experience in this industry were teaching others how to trade!! Talk about the blind leading the blind! Well no more!! Hrishi and Avi decided to put an award-winning course together. Now after training thousands of people, and 10 years of training experience they teach you how to trade the markets and guide you with the follow up support. They are so confident that Become A Trader only trains the best of the best that they even invite you to follow their traders and won’t even charge you to do so. So, come join us on our journey and join the world class Become A Trader family.



Trained thousands of traders worldwide


Over 25 years of Trading and Training experience


World Class Training and Support

The Founders

Hrishi Vadgama


From a very young age I knew the importance of money. I witnessed my parents moving from an 8-bedroom house to a rented flat. I witnessed my father going from running a 200-employee business to packing pizzas. My mother having to take two jobs all whilst studying for her masters in the hopes of getting a better job. Seeing all this instilled something very important in my life. At that very young age I knew life was not easy, and if was going to get anywhere I had to work twice as hard as the people around me. I was always told that for me to reach my dreams I had to study. I had to get to university to get my dream job. So that’s exactly what I did, I studied, and then when I didn’t want to study, I studied some more. I completed my degree in economics and set off to do the one thing I have wanted to do in my life.. make money. That is exactly what I did! I moved into the most scalable industry in the world.. TRADING! And I was damn good at it. I had investors from all over the world asking for me to trade their money.. and I did! This was all well and good for years however I felt I wanted to do more. I wanted to build my own investment team. However, in order for me to do that I would need good traders! I searched and searched however only came across retail traders and scam artists. So I decided enough is enough, I got together with the head of the stock trading department (Avi) and we decided to train our own traders. We have since trained thousands of people and many of them have gone on to become professional traders. We even founded a brokerage firm so that my investors can invest in the traders I train. Even though I don’t have to watch my parents suffer any more, that drive I have will never stop. So, anything I do… I give it my all. I personally invite you to see how life changing Become A Trader has been for our graduates.

Avinash Hirani


I was raised in a family who have always known the value of education and money. My grandfather moved to the UK at a young age with only £5 in his pocket in order to create a better life for himself and his family. Growing up I always watched my grandfather and parents work hard to earn whatever they could together, thankfully they were very successful. My father took over a successful family business that my grandfather had built over 20+ years and went on to make it even better by continuing to have an amazing work ethic and valuing his team and customers. I learnt a lot from my father when it came to earning money and how to run a business. At the age of 50 my father decided to retire and offered me the opportunity to take over the family business. As flattered as I was to be given this opportunity, I knew I wanted a different career and something that I can call my own. I decided to continue with my education at university but at the end of the first year I quickly realised that it was not the right path for me. After doing some career research I came across Trading and I instantly realised where I wanted to go in life. I learnt to trade stocks and was making great money, but I wanted to further develop my trading experience, so I decided to diversify into the Forex Market trading, spending a lot of time to develop my own strategies. After years of trading I decided to look at my trading career and plan where I wanted to go from here. I wanted to help others do exactly what I had been able to do on my own and so the next step for me was to start my own Financial Education company. Hrishi who has been my friend from the age of 8 was the perfect partner to help this dream come to life and over the years we have trained thousands around the world to become successful traders from all walks of life. If you want to become a trader I would love to show to you.